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          热门标签: 每天一起练口语 五十三

          • 每天一起练口语 五十三

            每天一起练口语 五十三

            英语口语网发布每天一起练口语 五十三,更多每天一起练口语 五十三相关信息请访问中国考试网英语口语频道。


              4. Shy (2)

              10) I usually feel timid in the presence of very bright people.站在聪明人面前,我感到羞怯。


              11) Judy is so reserved that it is hard to understand her.朱迪非常内向而木讷,因而很难使人了解她。

              12) Dick is very modest about his accomplishments.迪克对自己的业绩非常谦虚。


              13) That important man is very unassuming in his manner.那个要人彬彬有礼,是一位毫不摆架子的人。

              14) There is a natural coyness about her behavior.她的举止令人有种自然的羞答答的感觉。

              15) Try not to be so timid when you speak.你讲话的时候不要那么紧张。(应该放轻松,自然一些。)

              16) I wonōt embarrass you in front of your friends.我不会在你的朋友面前使你丢丑。

              17) She feels shy about meeting Frank for the first time.她对于第一次和弗兰克约会感到难为情。

              18) The timid child would not leave his motherōs side.那个胆小的孩子不愿离开母亲。