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            热门标签: 每天一起练口语 五十五

            • 每天一起练口语 五十五

              每天一起练口语 五十五

              英语口语网发布每天一起练口语 五十五,更多每天一起练口语 五十五相关信息请访问中国考试网英语口语频道。


                3. Unhappiness (2)

                7) When I saw they had left, I was shocked to tears.当我目睹他们离去时,我悲伤得落下了眼泪。


                8) He didnōt weep as he walked from the grave.他从墓地走回来,并没有伤心流泪。


                9) Mary cried all night for her great loss.玛丽因为失去了她最重要的东西,而整晚哭泣。

                10) Michael immediately burst into tears.麦克尔“哇”的一下子哭了出来。

                *burst into强调突然迸发。

                11) I had never seen a grown man break down and cry.我从未曾看到过一个这么强壮的汉子痛哭失声。

                *break down,这里用来形容一下子垮掉。

                12) She was disappointed by what Lawrence said.她对劳伦斯说的话感到失望。

                13) They cannot help but be grieved by the death of a friend.眼见朋友死亡,自己却无能为力,他们感到深深的悲哀。

                14) Pat began to feel unhappy about what he had done.帕特开始对自己所做的事感到悲伤。

                15) Alone, he brooded over his mistake.她常常独自沉思自己的过失。


                16) Often, when it rains, Marty feels blue.一下雨,玛琪就会变得忧郁。

                *blue,忧郁沮丧,我们可以说,This song is so blue!

                17) He wonōt be distressed by my absence.即使我不在,他也不会悲伤痛苦的。

                18) The coach is always gloomy when the team loses a game.球队一输球,教练总要绷起脸来。