《GRE最常考词汇》TEST 1

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 1、Judge Hooper is regarded in the legal community as a man of candor.


  2、After moving to the countryside, Mr. Jones developed an ardor for bird watching.


  3、The farmers had an ample supply of grain to last them through the winter.


  4、The invention of TV started a new epoch in mass communications.


  5、He gave his wife a solid brooch for her birthday.


  6、The earthy peasants knew nothing about the fine arts.


  7、Forsaking his filial duty, he squandered his inheritance on fast women.


  8、Mankind should be more humane to wild animals.


  9、She felt degraded when it became known that her husband was a murderer.


  10、The ghastly sight was shown on the evening news.


  11、The snobbish woman would often belittle her servants.


  12、Plato said that all things are really just illusions.



《GRE最常考词汇》TEST 1
  1、candor n.坦白;公正candid adj.坦白的 同sincerity; truthfulness 反deception; falsehood

  2、ardor n.热心

  3、ample adj.充足的 同sufficient; copious

  4、epoch n.纪元;时代

  5、brooch n.胸针或领针

  6、earthy adj.粗俗的 反unrefined; coarse

  7、filial adj.子女* forsake v.放弃squander v.浪费

  8、humane adj.仁慈的;亲切的 同merciful; benign 反barbarous; rude

  9、degraded adj.堕落的;降格的

  10、ghastly adj.恐怖的 同grim; horrible

  11、belittle v.轻视* snobbish adj.势利的

  12illusion n.错觉;幻影 同fantasy; hallucination 反reality