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           大家需要  ,我就贴出来了  。1-6分吧  ,1分的很搞笑的  。

            Some people pay money for the things they want or need. Other peopletrade products or goods for what they need. Compare the advantages of thesetwo ways of obtaining things. Which way do you prefer? Explain why.

            level 6

            Trade is a human actitvity since the earliest periods of history. Aftermen settled in a particular site, they exchanged the products they grew orthe animals they bred. This process lead to the development of money(understood as bills, coins, etc.), and therefore, our actual economy ofbuy-and-sell.

            The advantages of the first one relies on the fact that both people whotake part in this action are dealing with physical goods or labors incommon. In other words those who are trading some farmlands for wetlands,or having a field harvested for fishing an specific place, are dealing onthe same level of activities. On the other hand to pay for a particulargood or service, makes it simpler to clarify the value of things, since thevalue is given by a common agreement between society (besides it is easierto carry a ten dollar bill than a flock of geese in your pocket!).

            I prefer the process of buying things. Trade worked perfectly inearlier societies,\where\ the number of individuals living in that communitywas small and the tasks were simpler. In today's world this is a little bitmore complex. I believe that the process of buy-and-sell fits our modernway of living, not only because it is simpler, but because we are gettingto the point \where\ all of our transactions will be done "virtually" (creditcards, internet, etc.) and paying for a meal would be easier than tradingit for a service

            level 5

            Many different ways of obtaining the things you need can berepresented. The two most common ways of obtaining the things you may needor want is to pay money for them or to trade products or goods for whatthey need. In those two ways, there are adventages and disadventages thatfollows. My personal feelings about the way in which you obtain the thingsyou may need or want is to pay for them for a appropriate bargin price.

            The adventage of paying for the things you need or want is that you canobtain anything you want. When you purchase an item for your use, you oftenlook at the price and how the purpose of the product can suit your needs.When you are paying for the products you need you can often match thedirect purpose of the product for your use. This allows the consumer tofeel confident of the product that they have purchased, thus leaving themanufacturors feeling happy.

            However, when you are trading in a product for a different product, youcan't always get everything you want and need. Since you have to match thevalue of the product you are trading, the value of the product you want canbe of higher value thus limiting your selection of products to purchase.But one advantage of trading is that you don't actually have to pay moneyto obtain a product. It's kind of like upgrading your computer. You arejust simply trading in something old for something that is more of worth oruse to you now.

            Instead of fussing to find out what I can trade in to get what I neednow or later on in the future, it is a better idea to pay for the productsyou want other than to trade. You receive or obtain what you want andsatisfy your need much faster and effectively when you pay money for thethings I or anyone might need.

            level 4

            The pople who pays with money have one big advantage. They know exactlyhow much their money is worth. For example: If I have 1 US dollars, I knowthat I can buy a soda. If I have a pair of worn scissors I'm not sure thesalesman wants to trade his soda for them.

            But these different methods of getting what you want is not all thatdifferent. A person who pays with money must first earn them. He usuallyworks for them. That means he trades some of his time and knowledge formoney so that he can pay whatever he wants with them. The person who tradeswith goods or products skipps the money part.

            Those who pay with money has a greater advantage if they want to tradewith other nations. They can exchange money to foreign currency. That waytrade it is much more easier done.

            I prefer both ways at different times. If I would like to get some helpfrom my neighbour I wouldnt pay him money. As a matter of fact I would feelpretty silly doing so.I would simply give him something nice, buy himdinner or help him later with something he wants.

            level 3

            I do strongly prefere that people trade products or goods for what theyneed than som people pay money for the things they want or need. I supportthis idea for several reasons.

            First of all, sometimes people trade their products or goods for theirbenifits and they can pay less money and they don't need any advertismentfor their products.

            Secondly, when the people trade their own products they knows what itexactly contain and they can illistrate their products by giving moreinformations for their coustomers.

            In general, I prefere that people trade their own products or goods bythemselves to but the coustomers relized that their products is more betterthan the others.

            level 2

            Some people pay money for the things they want or need. Other peopletrade products or goods for what they want need. There are two differentways to own what they want. I prefer to pay money and own a thing. Anadvantages I pay money to buy a thing, in psylogy I will find myselfsatisfy.

            When I get some income and I spend it to buy somethings that I want. Ifeel that is reasonable for me to do that. In order to trade products orgoods, I myself dislike this kind of staff. Because by trade products orgoods, I may lose somethings that I love. Ever through I get somethingsnew, I may also losing somethings that I love after trade. Althrough haveto pay money to buy things that I want, I thinks it is valued to me.

            level 1

            I prefer pay mone y for the thinks, because is better. When there areinterchanges with products, the people always is not conform.When I pay money , I put give all the thinks that I want, because is mymoney, and I see for how many thinks I put pay.

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