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          1. GRE习作欣赏:个人责任与社会环境

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            GRE网发布GRE习作欣赏:个人责任与社会环境  ,更多GRE习作欣赏相关信息请访问中国考试网GRE留学外语考试频道  。


              The concept of responsibility is a necessary fiction. Although socities must hold their individuals accountable for their own actions, people's behavior is largely determined by forces not of their own making."

              In the title statement, the speaker holds the contention that the concept of 'individual responsibility' is no existence but a fiction. Moreover, the speaker says that the behaviors of human beings are fundamentally determined by the environment which out of their control. Admittedly, one's actions are deeply influenced by laws, societies, schools and families and other exterior forces; individual responsibility exists and functions as a significant role to rule people's behaviors as well.

              On one hand, the highest social animal as human being is, any individual has his specific role in a certain society. And this specific role gives one social identity and individual responsibility through education in schools and influence of ethical and moral standards. Though some times one would feel that the certain responsibility is obligation from the society and organizations rather than his 'individual responsibility' at first, in most cases, the accountability would presumably become one's own eventually followed by the final identification of his specific social identity, and then direct one's behaviors without the force from the exterior world. For example, a soldier would think it is his duty to obey the rules without any hesitation; a surgeon would consider healing the patients as his accountability; and a historian would feel it is his responsibility to discover what is behind the historical descriptions. In fact, different careers and roles form diverse individual responsibilities, which result in individuals’voluntary behaviors.

              On the other hand, there are not only specific individual responsibilities in diverse areas but also some fundamental values and accountabilities, which we all human beings cherish. From the moment one can speak or even is born, the society begins to instill the moral and ethical standards, which is so called humanity in every one's mind. The older one is, the deeper influence the humanity would be. When one is just a little child, he would go directly to what he like and claim it. Then when he is old enough, he would realize that it is incorrect and ashamed. And because of the awareness of what is right and wrong, one would probably never do any misdeed again. Actually, humanity is just the common individual responsibility shared by all of us.

              However, every one lives in a certain society thereby one's behavior is more or less influenced by forces not of their own making. And to operate normally, every society has its laws, though many times have differences among them. It is true that humanity plays an essential role in ruling individuals' behaviors; yet laws are necessary. Under the control of laws, people who have little individual responsibility would probably not dare to do any crime in fear of law punishment. Besides laws, for example in school, rules are also an important factor as well as individual responsibility. Nowadays, in most universities, a student who does not pass some certain courses in his four years college life would not get his diploma of bachelor's degree. So even if a student does not like his discipline, or dose not care about his GPA, the pressure of graduating forces him not to playing computer or basketball all the time.

              In addition, individual responsibility and forces from outside world have overlapped parts some times. For instance, studying diligently is some hard- working students' individual responsibility as well as the pressure from schools and society.

              Generally speaking, it is hasty and incorrect to conclude that the concept of 'individual responsibility' is a necessary fiction. On the contrary, individual responsibility plays an important role which cannot be replaced. However, laws and the exterior force also have their significance as well. Thus we can not put either of them aside and pay more attention to another

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