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            GRE网发布我在北美在职考G的备考经验及实录  ,更多我在北美在职考G的备考经验及实录相关信息请访问中国考试网GRE留学外语考试频道  。

            我在职考  ,现在跟GTERS特别是北美在职G友  ,分享一下经验  ,也算尽自己的义务吧  。

              在职备考很难  ,主要是干扰太多  。忙完一天以后根本就没心思看书  。我主要是利用早晨的两个小时来背单词  。周末作题  。考前两礼拜请假突击了一下 。总共花了六个月吧  。中间还有杂七杂八的事情  ,停了个把月  。 。 。

              离开学校久了  ,考试对我来说已经非常寞生 。我考的时候  ,每个section前几分钟总难以集中精力 ,感觉浮于考题之外,有些手忙脚乱 。我建议大家模考要做全套  ,Writting, Verb, Quantitative一定要一起做  。我做完Issue and Argument +第一个V之后就觉得状态下降  ,因为以前都是分开来做的  。如果方便的话  ,在图书馆模考  ,应为跟考试时的干扰差不妥  。

              当然我们在职G友也有优势 。我们英语的总体水平叫高  ,阅读和写作相对来说就不需要太准备了 。

              背单字是考G的第一步  ,是最难的一步  ,也是最容易突破的一步  。难在需要花很长时间 ,容易在你只要肯花时间 ,总能背熟  。个人感觉如果你人在北美  ,不仅仅是应付考  ,这些单词对阅读还是很有帮助的  。另外很多人文方面的教授也很喜欢用这些词  ,可能是受GRE的影响  。  。 。(这句话可以做argument的题目)我背单词开始用的是红宝99  ,考前两周看的兰宝  。因为整块时间不多  ,我把红宝分成九个section.一个月背熟两个还是比较容易坚持的  。另外发音背词软件效果很好 ,至少感觉少孤独一些  。

              天空也是较易突破的 。我推荐陈圣元的《GRE句子填空〉dangdang.com可邮购(航空邮费=300% *原书价  ,一周内应到)  。好像也有下载 ?

              我不知道数学成绩有多重要 ,如果重要的话应该花些时间准备  。别像我一样拖到最后没来得及准备 。不过差不了多少  。  。  。

              最后感谢在这里的G友  ,正是因为有了你们的陪伴  ,我才能不一个人去孤独地走这艰辛的备考路  。


              Issue: "In any realm of life—whether academic, social, business, or political—the only way to succeed is to take a practical, rather than an idealistic, point of view. Pragmatic behavior guarantees survival, whereas idealistic views tend to be superceded by simpler, more immediate options."

              "History teaches us only one thing: knowing about the past cannot help people to make important decisions today."


              The following appeared in a memorandum from a dean at Omega University

              "Fifteen years ago, Omega University implemented a new procedure that encouraged students to evaluate the teaching effectiveness of all their professors. Since that time, Omega professors have begun to assign higher grades in their classes, and overall student grade averages at Omega have risen by thirty percent. Potential employers apparently believe the grades at Omega are inflated; this would explain why Omega graduates have not been as successful at getting jobs as have graduates from nearby Alpha University. To enable its graduates to secure better jobs, Omega University should now terminate student evaluation of professors."

              累犯没有出蓝宝的范围  ,只有一insubstantial<-> 不确定 ,反正都不像  ,我瞎选了extensive..

              填空也不难  ,跟国内题(90-97)差不多  。不过都是新题  ,所以别指望老JJ.我觉得JJ没大用  ,当然这和我在月初考有关  ,另外我也没看多少国内JJ...

              阅读  。

              1: Birds population短

              Some experiments about the population of a weird bird are conducted on island A but not B because the huning and natural predators would otherwise interfere with of the later.

              The population of the birds is decling and the author dismissed a bunch of possible explanations, such as animals feeding on the eggs... Then the author suggests the increasing population of another type of animal(bird?) may be the cause but later experiments contradict with this one too.

              Finally, providing food to the the weird boy bird may stimulate their interests to girls and....

              2: Consumerism长

              Historically, women are the focus of the study of consumerism  。Women are the focus because: 1, they constitute the majory of shopping mall customers. 2, femals do most of family shopping and shop for other people... 3....

              Then argues males should be also considered. Men spend more on out of house stuff like service, entertainment.... Quoted someone about cosmetic products for men are classified as toiletry....

              3: Africa American art...短

              A guy believes AA tradition/culture/art? is borrowed from Africa rather than developed independently like as another guy insisted. Followed by some flaws like focused too much on mexico? american and south?Africa...


              1: minium of a^n + a^-n  ,a is a number... n has a range

              2: 8 contiuous integers, what's the average of the remainders if each of them is devide by 8...

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