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        1. 我整理的颠峰预测可能考的GRE词汇

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          GRE网发布我整理的颠峰预测可能考的GRE词汇  ,更多我整理的颠峰预测可能考的GRE词汇相关信息请访问中国考试网GRE留学外语考试频道  。

          晚了点  ,随便看看吧 ,希望对大家有所帮助 。

            accordian adj. 折叠的 n 手风琴

            accordion: fold

            crease: folding= hole: perforating

            ace n.. 极小量;佼佼者

            ace: amount

            inkling: knowledge= modicum: quantity

            actionable adj. 可引起诉讼的

            actionable: indict

            despicable: contempt= reprehensible: censure

            ado n. 纷乱;小题大做;麻烦

            ado对calm welter对orderly arrangement

            aerosol n. 浮质 a suspension of fine solid or liquid particles in gas

            mist: aerosol 种属关系

            banner: flag= incantation: utterance

            calcium: mineral= sugar: carbohydrate

            afflatus n. 灵感 ,神的启示

            afflatus: inspiration

            anathema: curse= theocracy: state


            ajar: open= doze: sleep 微开:开= 小睡:睡

            aleatory adj. dependent on chance, luck, or an uncertain outcome 对 inevitable

            alimony n. 赡养费;生活费

            alimony: livelihood

            tuition: instruction= fare: transportation

            almanac n. 年鉴;历书

            almanacal: annual= journal: daily

            anneal vt. to heat and then cool (as steel or glass) usually for softening and making less brittle; strengthen, toughen


            annular adj. shaped like or forming a ring 环状的  ,轮状的

            annular: ring

            auctorial adj. of or relating to an author 作者的

            arboreal: trees= sidereal: stars fluvial: river= sidereal: star

            bathos n. insincere or grossly sentimental pathos; an anticlimax; banality,

            triteness 假慈悲; 突降法;陈腐  ,平庸

            bathos: pity

            sanctimonious: devoted= unctuous: earnest 都是假对真

            belay vt. to make fast 使固定


            bluff n. 峭壁; adj. 直率的  ,豪爽的

            cliff; rough and blunt but not unkind in manner

            bluff对courtly/suave palter对candor

            bluff是不太拘礼节的率直 ,candor是诚实 ,坦白 ,两者对应的反义词相差极大

            表胁迫: intimidate, bludgeon, bluster, browbeat, bully, bullyrag, cow, dragoon, hector, bulldoze

            charm n. an object worn or cherished to ward off evil or attract good

            fortune 驱邪符

            amulet: evil= helmet: injury

            cheap shot n. 暗算 ,卑劣行为 对sportsmanship 正大光明  ,运动家风范

            clergy n 集合名词 神职人员

            retainer: retinue= witch: coven

            derail vt. to cause to run off the rails; to obstruct the progress of:

            frustrate 使停顿  ,使出轨


            dicker vi. To bargain; barter 讨价还价

            debate: issue= bargain: price

            discountenance vt. to put out of countenance; disconcert 使羞愧  ,使困窘

            embolden对discountenance 或placate对discountenance

            dun vt. to make persistent demands upon for payment 不断索求  ,尤指讨债

            dun: demand

            badger: bother= belabor: mention

            fib n. a trivial or childish lie 无伤大雅的谎言  ,小谎

            miff: quarrel= foible: flaw

            flimflam n. deception, fraud, deceptive nonsense 欺骗;胡言乱语

            aspersion: discredit= canard: deceive

            credulous: cozen= tractable: control

            nonsensical: drivel= pompous: bombast

            flurry n. a sudden gust of wind; a brief light snowfall; a period of commotion or excitement; a sudden occurrence of many things at once; barrage

            shower: rain= flurry: wind

            fogy/fogey n. a person with old-fashioned ideas 守旧者  ,老古板

            bigot: advice= conservative: change

            gag n. an official check or restraint on debate or free speech 言论限制

            censorship: communication= preservative: decay

            quarantine: contagion= embargo: commerce

            heraldry 纹章 同义词: blazon, armory, escutcheon

            alliterate: remove= blazon: efface

            hymeneal adj. of or relating to a wedding or marriage 婚姻的

            hymeneal: wedding/ marriage

            impassible adj. incapable of suffering or of experiencing pain;

            inaccessible to injury; incapable of feeling: impassive 不觉疼痛的  ,无法伤害

            的;无感情的 ,无动于衷的

            impassible: injure

            acme: surpass= impossibility: execute

            imprimatur n. official approval; sanction 出版许可  ,官方的认可  ,批准

            imprimatur: approval

            imprimatur/cachet 对 buck

            jalopy n. a dilapidated old automobile 破旧车

            jalopy: automobile= rags: clothing

            mansion: residence= limousine: automobile

            jangle vi. to make a harsh, metallic sound 发出刺耳声

            jangle: harsh

            mutter: indistinct= drone: monotonous

            jetty n. 防波堤  ,码头

            jetty: harbor

            levee: river= cordon: crowd

            jitney 小公共汽车

            jitney: bus 种属

            keepsake n. 赠品  ,纪念品

            keepsake: commemorate

            blandishment: coax= medal: honor

            lenitive adj. capable of easing pain or discomfort 止痛的 ,有缓和作用的 与lenient同源

            analgesic: pain= anesthetic: sensation

            oleaginous adj. 油质的 ,油嘴滑舌的  ,善于恭维的

            对 gruff 语言生硬的

            patchy adj. irregular in appearance, makeup, or quality; spotty 杂凑的  ,不调和的

            对 even

            rank adj. luxuriantly or excessively vigorous in growth; highly fertile 繁茂的 ,生长速度极快的  ,极其肥沃的

            rank: vigorous 程度

            rapine n. to seize wrongfully or by force 抢夺  ,掠夺

            pirate: take= forge: copy 非法:正常

            ready-made adj. 现成的  ,做好的  ,陈腐的  ,无创意的

            对handmade 手工制作的 / custom-made

            red-letter adj. of special significance

            对 negligible

            sag vi. to droop, sink, or settle from pressure or loss of tautness 松弛  ,下垂


            scarify vt. to lacerate the feelings of 苛责  ,伤害 同义词: lambaste,blister, castigate, excoriate, flay, lash, scathe, scorch, scourge, slash


            skulk vi. to move in a stealthy or furtive manner; to hide or conceal sth (as oneself) often out of cowardice or fear or with sinister intent 偷偷摸摸行动;潜伏

            lurk: concealment= purloin: appropriation

            slop vi. to be spilled or splashed; soft mud, slush 洒;溅出 ,溢出 n. 泥浆 ,半融雪

            soil: mud= snow: slush

            socialite n. a socially prominent person 社交名流

            socialite: prominent 正面特征

            splutter n. a confused noise ( as of hasty speaking); a splashing or sputtering sound

            hiss: sibilant= drone: monotonous

            squeamish adj. easily nauseated, queasy; excessively fastidious or scrupulous 容易晕船的;过于拘谨的 squeamish: scrupulous 程度

            squirm vi. to twist about like a worm, fidget (由于局促不安或疼痛)扭动身子squirm: embarrassment 动作表示含义

            squirt vi. to come forth in a sudden rapid usually narrow stream 喷  ,射

            squirt对 trickle

            stanchion n. an upright pole, or support 直立的柱子

            stanchion: upright 正面特征

            stave n. a narrow strip of wood; a rung; a stanza 狭板 ,横档  ,诗节

            易考部分与整体关系 stave: ladder/chair 或 stave: poem

            swaddle vt. envelop, swathe; restrain, restrict 把人包起 ,束缚

            swaddle对bare/ denude/ expose/ strip/ uncover/ unwrap

            thrash vt. to defeat utterly; to vanquish; to move or stir about violently击溃  ,彻底打败

            thrash: defeat 程度

            fold: crumple= defeat: overwhelm

            tokenism n. the policy of making only a perfunctory effort or symbolic gesture toward the accomplishment of a goal ( as to desegregate) 表面文章  ,装点门面

            tokenism: perfunctory/ symbolic

            tuft n. a growing bunch of grasses or close-set plants 一簇  ,一丛

            tuft: grass/ hair/ tree= bunch: grape

            tumble vi. to fall suddenly and helplessly; to suffer a sudden downfall; to decline suddenly and sharply ( as in price): drop 突然跌倒

            tumble: fall= swoop: move

            uncalled-for adj. not called for or needed; unnecessary 不必要的 ,多余的;无缘无故的

            对 required

            verboten adj. forbidden; prohibited

            对allowed/ authorized/ licensed/ approved/ endorsed/ sanctioned

            virtual adj. existing or resulting in essence or effect though not in actual fact, form, or name


            wand n. a thin supple rod, twig, or stick; a slender rod carried as a symbol of office in a procession; a scepter 嫩枝  ,指挥棒;权杖

            wand: cudgel/ club 细棍:粗棒

            warren n. 养兔场  ,兔群 flock羊群 flight飞鸟群 herd 牛群  ,象群  ,斑马群等

            drove 牛群 ,羊群  ,鹅群 pack 狼群 gang 野牛群  ,狼群 gaggle鹅群 bevy 鸟群

            school/ shoal 鱼 群 swarm 昆虫群

            waybill n. a document prepared by the carrier of a shipment of goods that contains details of the shipment, route, and charges 运货单

            inventory: merchandise= manifest: cargo

            wayward adj. following one’s own capricious, wanton., or depraved

            inclinations 任性的

            对 complaisant, good-natured 柔顺的

            aerie/ eyrie n. the nest of a bird on a cliff or a mountaintop; an elevated often secluded dwelling, structure, or position 猛禽的巢;高处的房屋

            eyrie: nest 种属关系 arbor: shelter= hedgerow: fence

            bash vt. to strike violently; to hit 重打  ,猛击

            bash: strike 强调暴力 violence

            rend: tear= rush: hurry

            beachcomber n. 海滩搜索者 beachcomber: search

            proctor: supervise= prodigal: squander 正特

            beachhead n. 滩头阵地  ,立足点 beachhead: foothold 名词同义

            compendium: summary= anthology: collection

            bearing n. relevant relationship or interconnection; the manner in which one bears or comports oneself 关系; 举止  ,风度 immaterial: bearing 缺乏关系

            immaterial: relevance= circuitous: directness

            bum n. a tramp; a vagrant; a lazy or shiftless person 游手好闲的人  ,流浪汉

            wandering对 move purposely hie对dawdle

            cob n. 雄天鹅 gander 雄鹅 drone 雄蜂 buck 雄鹿 colt 雄性小马 tom 雄猫

            cote n. a shed or coop for small domestic animals and especially pigeons

            corral: horse= coop: chicken

            flume n. an inclined channel for conveying water ( as for power); a ravine or gorge with a stream running through it 水槽;小溪流过的山涧

            aqueduct: water= pipeline: gas= vessel: blood

            impasto n. the thick application of a pigment to a canvas or panel in painting; also: the body of pigment so applied 厚涂颜料的绘画法 impasto:thick chiaroscuro: contrast= filigree: delicacy

            inflect vt. to vary ( a word) by inflection: decline, conjugate; to change

            or vary the pitch of ( as the voice) 变音 ,转调

            inflect: pitch= transfigure: appearance

            pounce vi. to spring or swoop with intent to seize sb or sth; to seize sth swiftly and eagerly 猛扑  ,突然袭击  ,急切的抓住某物

            pounce: seize 目的关系

            shorthand n.速记法 shorthand:writing

            gait: walk= mnemonic: remember

            trough n. a long shallow often v-shaped receptacle for the drinking water or feed of domestic animals 食槽  ,波形谷

            trough: receptacle= chevron: badge v形槽:v形臂章

            tumescent adj. somewhat swollen 略有些肿的

            tumescent: swollen= pebble: rock

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