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            四六级考试网发布大学英语六级写作八点技巧及应用示范  ,更多大学英语六级写作八点技巧及应用示范相关信息请访问中国考试网大学英语四六级考试频道  。

            六级考试的写作部分的要求与四级相比只是增加了一些字数  ,但实际上它对于词汇的难度  ,句子的运用技巧 ,文章的结构都提出了更高的要求  ,做这道题  ,我认为可以用上如下的技巧:
              1、多用长句  ,少用短句  ,适当加入几句结构较复杂的句子  。
              2、写好第一句话  。这样容易给阅卷者留下一个好印象 ,能用上一个复句  ,里面要用上2-3个难的单词或词组 。
              3、结构要清晰 。我建议使用四段式  ,第一段综述  ,第二、三段分述 ,第四段做总结 ,二、三段是重点  。
              4、多用连接性的词组或单词 。如first,second,moreover,for one thing....for another,on the one hand....on the other等等 。可以把它们置于段首或文中比较显著的位置  ,这样会使文章更具条理性  。
              5、注意结尾的时候要点题  ,把自己的观点明确说出来  。
              6、文章不要写得太长 ,这样容易引起阅卷者的反感  。
              7、词汇的使用上请多用六级词汇  ,以区别于四级  。
              8、如有可能  ,适当加上一两句名言或是谚语  ,以显示你见识的广博  。为了使大家有个更直观的感觉 ,我把自己的一篇小习作登出以供参考  ,主要是在行文结构方面  。
              How to Keep Calm In an Exam?
              Anxiety is perhaps the worst problem many college students are faced with in their examinations.They just feel unable to keep their wits about them in those occasions,as a result of which they don’t give full play to their abilities.How to solve this problem?
              First of all,we should dispel the misgivings about the results of the exams.All of us are eager to chalk up good results in the evaluation tests.However,just remember:More haste,less speed.We should not be too mindful about the results.Take things calmly.
              Furthermore,we can also adopt some concrete steps to calm ourselves.For example ,we may keep our eyes closed and think of nothing for a minute or two just before starting an exam.It helps to keep a cool head and minimize nervousness.As for me,this method always works.
              In the final analysis,we ought to bear in mind that calmness is essential for good performance in a test.Overcoming anxiety is not so thorny a problem if we are mentally and physically prepared.

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