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            四六级考试网发布四六级写作如何做到行文流畅文笔连贯  ,更多四六级写作如何做到行文流畅文笔连贯相关信息请访问中国考试网大学英语四六级考试频道  。

            什么样才是流畅  ?说到底就是衔接词要运用得当  ,使文章更生动、形象  。
              为了方便大家记忆  ,我们把英语的过渡性词语分为 “起”“承”“转”“合”四大类  。

              起 就是提出主题  ,为下文的展开做铺垫  。需要提醒大家的是:英语写作推崇的是直截了当、简单明快、引人入胜  ,以便引起读者的共鸣  ,给评卷老师以很好的第一感觉  。

              now(adays), at present, it goes without saying that, in recent years, recently, some people say that, it is generally believed that, a recent survey show that, there is much discussion about/attention to

              承 即承上启下  ,连接上文引出下文 。

              first(ly), first of all, in the first place, then, second(ly), besides, indeed, third(ly), moreover, still, furthermore, certainly, obviously, truly, especially, particularly, in addition, what is more, what is worse, for example, for instance, in fact, in other words, at the same time

              转 转折也  ,即引出相反或相对的观点、看法、情况等等  。承与转简单点儿说就是衔接词的运用:如何恰当  ,如何灵活 。

              however, nevertheless, otherwise, yet, but, or, whereas, in spite of, instead, even though, on the other hand, in contrast, on the contrary, conversely

              合 就是“总结”、“综上所述” ,主要用于终结段  ,起到概括全文  ,画龙点睛的作用  。终结段是文章前面叙述发展的必然结果  ,写的时候要注意使之与主题段遥相呼应  ,以便使文章在结构上形成一个统一的整体  。

              accordingly, therefore, thus, as a consequence, hence, consequently, as a result, above all, at last, finally, eventually, after all, to sum up, to summarize, to conclude, in short, in brief, in a word, in conclusion, on the whole, in summary, in general, generally speaking, as for me, as has been noted, personally, as I have said  。

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