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          四六级考试网发布四六级范文:政府是否应限制私车发展  ,更多四六级范文:政府是否应限制私车发展相关信息请访问中国考试网大学英语四六级考试频道  。

            The private motor vehicle has given us a freedom our ancestors could not dream about. We can travel swiftly, and usually safely, over the roads which have been built to accommodate our cars. People can display their wealth by driving a car which may cost as much as another person’s home. - Introduction: advantages of cars (brief)

            Sadly the car has become a disadvantage as well as a boom. The car pollutes the atmosphere, may be involved in serious accidents, and by its very numbers blocks roads and chokes cities. How can we reduce its use? - Brief statement of problem: disadvantages of cars

            The car is only desirable if we can use it easily, so we might begin by reducing access to parking spaces in the cities and simultaneously increasing the quality and availability of public transport. Cars could be banned form certain parts of the city, thus forcing people to walk or to use public transport. - Ideas for cutting the number of cars

            The expense of buying and running a car can be raised. If the motorist is faced with a high purchase price, high road tax, high insurance premiums and substantial fines he or she may reconsider the purchase. A corresponding reduction in the price of public transport would help this financial argument against car ownership.

            Neither of these arguments will sway the super rich who can afford the status cars, but it would perhaps encourage them to look at other ways of demonstrating their wealth. However we do it, reducing the number of cars on the road will reduce the problems of pollution and the congestion which can bring cities to a standstill. - Conclusions: states the benefits of reducing the number of cars.

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