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        1. 四六级作文锦囊:继续深造还是就业

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          四六级考试网发布四六级作文锦囊:继续深造还是就业  ,更多四六级作文锦囊相关信息请访问中国考试网大学英语四六级考试频道  。

          For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write a letter.
          Suppose you are Jill. Write a letter to your friend Li Fang.
          You should write at least 120 words according to the situation given below in Chinese:
          假设你的好朋友李芳是大学四年级学生 ,正在考虑是考研究生继续深造还是大学毕业后就踏上工作岗位  。
          请给她写封信表明你的态度  。

          Dear Fang,
            I understand that you are in a dilemma. Although so many graduates are eager to set feet on their work-life road, there are still some who prefer to start their new life after gaining another degree to make better preparation for entering society. In my opinion, the latter are more admirable. You are good at all your course these years, so if you do like to spend another two or three years on campus, you should stick to it. In today's society, the achievement and status you can get and the devotion you can make are no doubt in proportion to your educational background and degrees, coupled with the efforts you put in them. If you want to stride to your destinations more smoothly and easily, why not head for the further study courageously? Whichever you choose, I firmly believe your industry will ensure your success. After all, it is you who have the finally say on the final choice.Best wishes,Yours sincerely.

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