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          四六级考试网发布四六级作文:一个星期一篇作文训练(2) ,更多四六级作文相关信息请访问中国考试网大学英语四六级考试频道  。

           If China Enters WTO?

            Every Chinese is looking forward to China's entry into WTO, widely seen as a blessing and a promise of prosperity. It seems to be so at first sight, however, on reflection, we're convinced that it's just another coin with two sides.

            On the one hand, both the nation and people will benefit greatly from China's entry into WTO. Shut out of WTO, China was deprived of equal trade opportunities and was placed at a distinct disadvantage in world trade. This situation will change if China enters WTO. In addition, foreign coMPAnies will stream into China and offer great job opportunities, which, in a sense, will relieve the unemployment problem.

            On the other hand, the entry will impose some negative effects on China. State-owned enterprises in China are undergoing great difficulties, which will be more acute with the flow of foreign competitors into China.

            In short, excited about the advantages caused by the entry, we should not lose sight of the severe challenges posed by it.



            A. Title: Fast Food

            B. Word Limit: about 200 words

            C. Your composition should be based on the Outline given in Chinese blew:

            1. 快餐在中国十分流行  ,它是现代快节奏社会的反映  。

            2. a. 快餐受欢迎有两条原因: b. 然而  ,从营养角度来讲  ,快餐却差强人意 。

            3. 对快餐还是以偶尔品尝为宜 。

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